Monday, May 17, 2010

Waylon Thornton and The Heavy Hands

Waylon Thornton and The Heavy Hands - Milk Tooth
Waylon Thornton and The Heavy Hands - Who Cares
Check it:
So I'm sitting at home, just minding my business when I'm thinking to myself "Hey, maybe I should see if there is any new music out that I enjoy," so I stop at the hippest joint on the block Get Off The Coast and what do my eyes beseech me? Well these two RIDICULOUSLY killer jams from a band named Waylon Thornton and The Heavy Hands. So I snag those two mpfrees and started my way on down to their myspace, which turns out has a link to all of their stuff for free again, FUCK YES, so without further ado, I present to you, Waylon Thornton and The Heavy Hands.
I'm not quite sure who Waylon Thornton is nor The Heavy Hands Correction, Waylon is the comfortable gentleman in the picture above, and The Heavy Hands is his wife Meg, also above. But regardless who they are they have a disease. A disease called Funk. It's a disease that every child should get at a young age so that they will know how to handle it when they are older. And if there is anything/body to inoculate them with it should be WTHH. Every Funky man, women, child, and dog know this Funk. It's not disco-funk, not LCD Soundsystem Funk, not Jazz Funk, but possibly Beach Funk, or maybe we have rediscovered Rock n' Roll. But whatever they are, they are the epitome of it. If you have a soul and fancy yourself guitars this is for you, oh wait, this is just for everyone.

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