Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dream Boat || oOchre (oOoOO Cover)

Dream Boat - oOchre(oOoOO Cover)
It is 2:26 right now. I first listened to this song about 5 minutes ago, and I have a feel I will be listening to it for at least the next 5 days non-stop. I was already a fan oOoOO and since Dream Boat did a fantastic remix of "NoSummr4u" I decide to skip on down the street to their [Myspace], not knowing what to expect. This could be shit, or it could be genius, I was in such a deep state of thought that when I clicked play on the first song it was like a punch back to reality, or more like, a punch to a dream. Each song took to me further and further into the newly forged world, until that ad shit that myspace does stopped the flow of nectar to my ears and I was forced out of my lullaby. As I gathered myself and thoughts together I realized I had fallen in love, and am now and forever will be, a fan of Dream Boat.

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