Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ghost Animal || In Your Room

[Read Before] Engaging in this post 
Ghost Animal - In Your Room
Ghost Animal - In Your Room (Golden Ages Remix)
This post is about the Golden Ages remix but I decided to put the original because it was pretty close to being equally well done, BUT, let me press on. Golden Ages to continues to impress me every time they ever so much as grace a project with their touch, whether it be their own work or that of another. But the reason I had you read that previous post from a couple of hours ago was not because this song builds up with feverish anticipation but because it didn't need to build up to work well as a solo explosion of song and delight. I feel like there is an intro/build up to this song that has gone missing and they decided to just release it as the explosion at the end. Risky indeed but worth it? YES. The remix is insatiably delicious and the original is hook friendly and great for that drive to beach you've been meaning to make a playlist for.

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