Monday, September 20, 2010

GuMMy†Be▲R! && Nattymari || Witch Made Knicca

Witch Made Knicca by GuMMy†Be▲R!
I'm not quite sure how this whole idea/tape came about (see [Here], check the comments). But regardless how it came to be, I'm glad it did. Stream and grab it above.


  1. It came about exactly the way it plays out in the comments. Both of us just kind of realized that it would be way more fun to settle the differences in a mixtape. A thorough listen will reveal a number of references to the beef (from my take on 'cooler than me' all the way to GuMMy's braggadocious T.I. jacking.)

    This is real hip hop - Cold Crush vs. Fantastic 5 at Harlem World style.