Sunday, October 31, 2010

Labyrinth Ear || Oak EP

Labyrinth Ear - Navy Light
Lithium, White Gold, Snow White, Navy Light, Wildflowers. 5 tracks. All it takes to bring down the roof upon: a club, your brain, my brain, stadiums, cities, villages, speakers, nations, a bicycle, children, lambs, the pope, everyone, everything, everynone. [Labyrinth Ear's] Oak EP is a masterpiece starting with club banger Lithium and ending with [previously reported] upon Wild Flowers. Don't let the term "club banger" mislead you though, for this isn't your typical Black Eyed Peas/Deadmau5/Kesha shit. This is how "club banger" should be described. This whole EP is mind-bending wormhole waiting to suck you and your Ipod in. Download it [here.]

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