Monday, November 8, 2010

GuMMy†Be▲R Interview.

We recently had a chat with friend and glitch house producer Chris from [GuMMy†Be▲R!] about recent projects, upcoming projects, and little history...

MA: "You just made the ƒσσℓ'ѕ gσℓ∂ Mixtape, why a mixtape, instead of multiple tracks? And what was the force behind it?"

Chris: "The Mixtape has been something I've been trying to release for awhile now, and the reason why i wanted it to consist of just one long track, is that I wanted people to listen and let it flow the way I intended it too. I made it to give myself a break from the numerous projects that are really dark, the mix is kind of silly and really poppy sounding."

MA: "Are there any upcoming releases, whether it be physical or not?'

Chris: "Yes a few releases, I'm doing another mixtape with [Nattymari] on Clan Destined recs, It's going to be split released on cassette, a homage to DJ SCREW with me and natty doing so really funky and dragged out chopped'n'screwed type music. Also Clan Destine is the label that's gonna release me LP later this year. And I'm working on a digital EP for Tundra Dubs."

 MA: "Sounds great, do you have any live ideas in mind? As in a live show?"

 Chris: "Well, i'm trying to set up a small Bay Area tour, still trying to finalize everything, but It should start early next year. And if that goes well I'll try to do more shows further from the Bay."

MA: "That leads well into our next question, both you and oOoOO, another notorious band with a similiar sound, are from the Bay Area of California (along with a couple others), do you think the area has something to do with this?"

 Chris: "Well the San Francisco bay is a freaky place, so it doesn't surprise me that allot of freaky music comes from here. There is a huge culture of people here that wants to be different, and you get a huge backing for being different. The Hyphy movement for instance was this out of control rap movement that seemed to come out of nowhere, and nobody really understood it other then people in the bay, and we backed it until it's death."

 MA: "What do you think of "Witch House" or "Drag," would you consider yourself a part of either of these?"

Chris: "I'm really into Witch House, the artist that have arisen from this genre are some of the most refreshing things I've heard in a long time. But I have a really hard time differentiating what makes Witch House/Drag, every artist associated with this scene sounds different to me. And some of the reoccurring themes that I do hear are things I don't really do. So i'm kind of confused how I originally got lumped into this genre. But I don't mind being apart of it at all."

 MA: "Earlier you mentioned you have a split tape coming up with Nattymari, can you tell us about your history with him?"

 Chris: "Haha, our history is a really strange one. Just awhile back we were enemies, but now we're good pales. We decided to look past that very strange incident that happen to unfold on your blog and realized that we have a similar interest in music and the way we like it to sound. Ever since then we have been really trying to push each others boundaries with music, every time he releases a mix I just want mine to be better, and the cycle just continues."

 MA: "You and him released a mix called "Witch Made Nicca," after this split tape do you plan on doing any more work together? What as that original hated sparked by?And how did you take that hatred and turn into "WMK.""

 Chris: "The original hatred was that he thought I had stolen his mix, chopped it up and branded it as my own original thing. We both exchanged dumb messages to each other about it, until we were just got tired of it and decided to make a mix poking fun at each other, if you listen to it there are a few reference's about that incident on the mix. I've learned allot since I started working with him, and I'm gonna keep working with him for awhile, I see no reason to stop."

MA: "And finally, for those in the know or who care, what software do you use for mixing/editing?"

Chris: "I actually get asked this allot, I use Ableton Live 7, Virtual DJ 7 pro, Dr Boss sp-303 and various synthesizers. I'm in the process of finding more physical gear to get a more analog sound on my none mix tracks. Some of the software i find makes for really cheesy sounding music. Listen to my 3-track-promo and it's just a very cheesy effort that was all created on FL Studio, which is probably the worst sounding software you could use."

MA: "All right, thank you for taking time to talk, good luck with GuMMy†Be▲R! Can't wait to hear more."

Chris: "Thanks."

Pick up all of GuMMy†Be▲R!'s work over at his myspace [Here].


  1. cool, nicely done! this really really hurts my eyes to read, it's all bulgy and moving. Was that a deliberate illusionary trick? it works!

  2. Awesome! Can't wait for the releases!!!