Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SiΔmese Noir || SiΔmese Noir

SiΔmese Noir - In Quiet
You grab the [keys] and run to the door but it's too late. The shadows are now creeping up onto the walls a good 6 feet away from their origin at the door. Sinister shapes start forming making out what seems to be claws and teeth honing in on you. You shake and rattle and wonder why there are so many god damn keys on this ring, each one seemingly weighing tons. Times almost up. You found the right key, but it just wasn't enough. You fling open the door but those sinister claws are just too fast as they drag you back in, and slam the door closed, locking it and swallowing the keys away forever. Everything is black. The room can be faintly made out. Just shapes and edges upon shapes and edges. Everything is dark. The only thing that is even remotely lit, are the millions of attempts to escape scratched into the door nob.

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