Sunday, December 12, 2010

Favorites of 2010

This songs are not the "best" songs of 2010 so don't take it from an analytical stance, these are simply Minimum Advice's favorite songs from the past 12 months (about). There were plenty of other songs that stood out through out the course of the year, but these are the ones that we believe will stick around for at least a couple more years, well, a couple will. Here they are, enjoy:

25:You Say Party - Dark Days (Babe Rainbow Remix)
24:Cee Lo - Georgia
23:Salem – King Night
22:Cults – Most Wanted
21:Free Energy – Bang Pop
20:Gauntlet Hair – I Was Thinking...
19:Das Racist – You Oughta Know
18:❖ - a w e r
17:Labyrinth Ear – Wild Flowers
16:Metrotune – Casio Beach
15:Small Black – Search Party
14:Collage Party – Feel Alright
13:Polaroid Grey – What You Need
12:Waylon Thornton and The Heavy Hands – Who Cares
11:Slow Animal – Sanity
The National - Anyone's Ghost
[Boxer] was an exceptional album, and High Violet was... good to say the least, but this track is quite frankly, amazing. A lost piece of Boxer that should of been included those few years ago....

LCD Soundsystem - Home

Games - Strawberry Skies
[Games] debut [ep], "That We Can Play," was out of this world. This was the track that took us up, up and up into the outer reaches of the universe. This is a song that I'm going to have on my ipod for a long, long time.   

Holy Other - Yr Love
This slow burner is easily over looked and that's a damn shame. [Holy Other] have crafted themselves a perfect build up and release for all the witches out there.

Soft Powers - Mary Never Sings Our Songs (Rough Edit)
Following the same trend as our number 6 song, [Soft Powers] start slow and climb up to a powerful ending, that unfortunately ends much too early.

The Little Brother Syndrome - Shadows
I have always had trouble on what to [say] with song, and that hasn't changed, but that doesn't say anything about the song. Or maybe it does? Perhaps the magnitude of it, or lack of... just listen too it. Listen to more lovely tunes [here.]

Wise Blood - Solo ('4' Claire)
Catchy hooks and softened vocals comfort you on any trip that this song needs to be a part of. No playlist, no mix, no compilation that isn't electronic is complete without this song. Hats off to [Wise Blood's] endless flow of songs to complement this one, oh so well.

Coma Foxes - School Night
The soft, rapid progression of this song, and the fact that it's the only song from Coma Foxes, makes ever more mysterious and enveloping. It's quiet, engrossing, and easily one of the most captivating songs of the past 12 months. If only there was more...

Hard Mix - Memories
Just like this song's vocal [roots], its' catchy hooks grab you and hold you and you can never escape, but why in the world would you want too? Lay down, turn it up, and just float away with the endless bending noises that will consume your brain. [Hard Mix's] "Memories" takes the cake for our favorite song of 2010, and it will remain one of our favorites for quite a while. 

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