Sunday, December 26, 2010

Horse Macgyver || Void EP

Horse Macgyver - Tetanus Wine
Having 3 (rather less than more engaging) monikers, makes getting any sort of knowledge on [Horse Macgyver] ( formally known as _v_o_i_d_ and ///▲▲▲\\\ ) a relative pain in the ass. But in the end it is totally worth it. HM's ability to take sounds and morph them into a crystalline ball with a liquid center of metallic bliss is unbelievable. All it takes is 4 tracks and your hooked for life. Horse Macgyver, is equal too or greater than crack. Just with this you don't die from overdosing, but I'm pretty sure at some point I saw heaven. Where ever it was, it was beautiful, and you need to go there too. Snag Horse Macgyver's "Void ep" [here].

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