Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kúra || Crystal Clear

Kúra - Crystal Clear by Kúra

Kúra - Gógó by Kúra
[Kúra] make space music. If that confuses you in anyway, let me explain it to you. You're in a cosmos, perhaps one that looks similar to the album art (pictured above) of Kúra's debut ep, Multicolor. You are stranded and your crew and ship have dumped you into said cosmos. You're not sure why you were dumped or how you can breathe, but sounds start filling your brain. After a while you become engulfed in sound and the lights start to blind you and oh... You're late for work now. Kúra kept you up all night and now you are in a rush. Crafty Kúra, and their space music.

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