Monday, April 25, 2011

cooltombs || Da Bowties Pasta

I'm honestly not quite sure what to make of all this, "this" being [cooltombs]. Cooltombs are Paris Leach and Nolan Conaway from New Paltz, NY and they are making some rather strange music. Now don't get the impression that it is bad-strange music because it is far, far from it, they have just opt for some.... different, titles for their songs and a rather wacky layout for their website (linked above). Warped synths and very 80's-esque drum beats drive "Da Bowties Pasta" into oblivion with such thrills as "Guido Dreams" and "100% Olive Garden." You can purchase the cassette of "Bowties" [here] from Responsible Records.


  1. This is actually pretty awesome. Good find.

  2. first track is way fly

  3. Damn! This was bummin me out today. In a good way :)