Friday, May 13, 2011

Labyrinth Ear || Walk on the Moon (Arthur Russell Cover)

Labyrinth Ear - Walk on the Moon (Arthur Russell Cover)
It's always a fantastic thing to open up my inbox and see a new song from [Labyrinth Ear]. It seems that in this installment they have taken a classic from 1980s folk/rock musician [Arthur Russell] and placed their own signature electro touch on the very smooth, calming "Walk on the Moon." Along with a bit of a bass boost and a very new wave-y touch to the guitar riff that keeps the song moving, they have given the track a sort of "sonic face-lift" making it a much more accessible track by today's standards. You can snag the track over at Labyrinth Ear's website (linked above) and can compare the cover to the original [here]. While you are there I would suggest checking out their "Oak EP," it's sublime.

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