Monday, May 23, 2011

Rimar || Higher Ground

Rimar - Drv Me Crzy
[Last time] we got a touch of [Rimar] it was stand alone track "WAYS" from his newly released second album Higher Ground. That track alone was pretty satisfying, but now that it is in line with 8 other tracks, it's sort of the dull one of the bunch. Most of Rimar's previous work was just beat making that was never all that fulfilling, but all that has change now with Higher Ground. Higher Ground takes life through songs that echo R&B and even slower new-wave style tracks, like the album's title track and closer "Hi." Each song is another trip through a forgotten memory, whether it takes place in a roller ring, an old chevy, or some long forgotten house party, the rolling synths and pulsing back beats keep you hooked the entire time. You can sang the whole album (which I EXTREMELY recommend you do) over at Rimar's bandcamp [here].

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